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Choose Us for Comprehensive Air Conditioning Services

It’s an understatement to say that California summers can get hot. Even though Stockton may not be located in the hottest part of the state, you still need an air conditioning system you can count on. You want to stay cool even as the temperatures outside spike close to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Unfortunately, air conditioning malfunctions can leave you at the mercy of the sweltering heat. Here’s where Air Tech Heating & Air Conditioning Service Co. comes in. We’re trusted throughout the city and the Central Valley to provide premier air conditioning services to keep your home or business cool, even on the warmest days. Learn more about our comprehensive services and how they can help you.

Heating Unit

Expect These Services From Our Team

As your air conditioning experts in the area, we’re committed to providing you with a full range of services. You shouldn’t have to visit multiple locations to get the job done, so our team offers all the vital services you need to keep your air conditioner in top shape. Here’s a brief overview of what services you can expect from our technicians:


Even in the best of circumstances, there's always a chance your air conditioner may malfunction. When you need help getting your unit up-and-running again, our team can help ensure all the parts are fixed and working correctly.


Sometimes, there isn't much to be done about a broken air conditioner. When it's time to invest in a brand-new unit, Air Tech Heating & Air Conditioning Service Co. can help you choose, and install your next air conditioner


The secret to an air conditioner with a long lifespan is regular maintenance. While your HVAC system isn't something we typically think of as needing lots of upkeep, it is necessary to schedule preventative Commercial HVAC maintenance a few times a year.

Servicing All Kinds of AC Units

Our team can service a wide range of air conditioning units for your convenience and peace of mind. You won’t need to worry about whether or not we can handle your system, because we can do it all! The most common air conditioning units we service include package units, condenser units, heat pumps, window units, and wall units. Additionally, we can also take a look at your swamp cooler or ductless HVAC system.

AC for Residential and Commercial Properties

Whether you’re a home or business owner, Air Tech Heating & Air Conditioning Service Co. is here to serve you. We provide residential and commercial services including heating and refrigeration throughout Stockton, and we’ve built a strong reputation for quality. Our team specializes in air conditioning for business and commercial properties, so get in touch with our friendly staff at the first sign of a malfunction.

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