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Why You Should Opt for a Maintenance Contract

Whether you’re a new homeowner or a representative for a thriving business, you can benefit from an HVAC maintenance contract with Air Tech Heating & Air Conditioning Service Co. While many people get by with periodic maintenance visits they schedule whenever they suspect a problem, a full-service maintenance contract is a much safer bet. By investing in one of these contracts, you have the advantage of top-quality work without the hassle. We’ll take care of all the routine maintenance and preventative work for you, so you’ll have peace of mind your HVAC system will remain up and running. Plus, our maintenance contracts are actually more cost-effective than scheduling numerous repair visits throughout the year. Because we can catch issues with your system before they become severe, your wallet and your HVAC unit will thank you!

Technician performing HVAC maintenance on a unit

Proposal of PM Service Contract

Air Tech Heating & Air Conditioning Service Co. proposes to provide QUARTERLY preventive maintenance inspections which include the following:

Routine Inspections
  • Inspect belts.
  • Inspect fan pulleys for wear.
  • Inspect direct expansion evaporator coils.
  • Inspect & adjust control settings, as needed.
  • Inspect & tighten electrical connections/components.
  • Inspect voltage amperages.
  • Inspect economizer filters, air dampers, motor & linkage.
  • Inspect time clock & set as directed by the owner.
  • Make note of any unusual noise or vibration.
  • Lubricate moving parts, as needed.
  • Replace filters.

In addition to the above, We will include the following HVAC services during the appropriate time of the year.

Summer Inspection Service
  • Inspect liquid level gauge or sight glass for a refrigerant charge.
  • Inspect condenser coil.
  • Inspect operating pressures of compressor unit & note.
  • Inspect operating supply & return temperatures.
  • Inspect crankcase heaters.
  • Inspect pumps & grease.
  • Inspect water valves.
Winter Inspection Service
  • Inspect gas valves for leaks & proper shut-off.
  • Inspect burner for safe operation.
  • Inspect the condition of heat exchangers.
  • Inspect safety controls for heat.
  • Inspect operating supply & return temperatures.
  • Inspect crankcase heaters.
  • Inspect pumps & grease.

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