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Customer Testimonials

We are pleased to announce Air Tech Heating & Air Conditioning earned a 5 star rating and the 2017 Pulse of the City News Award.

Performing to the level needed to earn this recognition in consecutive years is impressive. The staff has proven the exceptional service it provides is embedded in the company’s values and mission. You will find great customer service at Air Tech Heating & Air Conditioning.

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Brion C.

My mom's heater went out, and we called Air Tech and they came out and just tightened a wire and fixed the issue. They didn't try to sell us something we didn't need and explained what happened. I have a small business and feel they did an awesome job in customer service too and would recommend them. Thanks!!!!!


I own and manage several rentals and do a lot of my own maintenance. I had a problem a few years back and the repairman I used at the time was retiring and referred me to Air Tech. They were very prompt and I was very happy with the service. I called them again a few months later as PG&E red tagged the heater in a rental I manage. The repair man showed up as scheduled and after inspecting found that the unit was fine and they showed me how the PG&E inspector had failed to see how it was properly vented. He fully inspected and tested the heater and reconnected it for a very reasonable fee. I highly recommend them and have referred them to several people.

Heather L.

What a great company! They were able to get my system up and running again in just one day! Very impressed at how knowledgeable the tech was; he gave us some great tips on how to prevent problems next time. I will definitely call them again!!

Janine G.

We have an older home, and we had central heat and air added by Air Tech. The people from Air Tech did such a great job. They were quick, reliable, and sufficient! And to top it all off, we received our PG&E bill and it is lower. I will be recommending them to my friends and family and anyone who needs service, heating or air added or replaced in their home or business. Thank you, Air Tech.


Thank you so much for driving all they way to Lodi to give me your thoughts on my air conditioner. We took your advise and went to Lowe's. The past few weeks were tough, but all is better with cool air! I appreciate your thoughtfulness!

Geoff and Joan L.

We wanted to thank you for repairing our air conditioning unit and saving us lots of money. Originally, we had another company come and inspect our A/C unit. They claimed the needed repairs would cost $800. After their initial inspection, they canceled twice on us. On the third appointment, they showed up but claimed they lacked the necessary parts. They said they would return the next day, but never did. We had enough!! Upon recommendation, we called your company to help us. Dan came first, explained the problem, and told us that we needed a much less extensive repair. He was courteous, funny, and very patient. Then James and Brandon came a week later to fix the problem. They were efficient, polite, and got everything done in less than an hour. What a difference between your company and the other one! The repairs your company did cost only $185, and our A/C now works great. We would happily recommend you to anyone who needs A/C service. Thanks!

Dianne R.

I cannot recommend Air Tech highly enough because their technician, Dan, discovered a problem created by another company in 2002(?) to replace our condenser. When it broke down, we ourselves bought a new compressor (hence a whole new air conditioner) because of the age of our old system. Today, the Air Tech technician discovered water leaks in the furnace closet from that previous poor installation. I've had mold allergy and asthma problems bad enough to warrant an allergist and weekly injections. Our best efforts failed to uncover the mold source until today. The technician said there is no doubt that the disconnected pipe he connected and the loose ones he screwed in tighter were a sloppy installation problem (we'd never messed with any of those pipes). Air Tech should be used more often.
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